Heat and humidity are par for the course in Chicagoland summers. While it beats attempting to run in snow and ice, there are still plenty of dangers associated with getting your workout in outside the next few months. To keep yourself safe, healthy, and injury free through the rest of this season, be sure to keep yourself focused on a few of our tips.

Hit it early (or late)
Set your alarm even earlier to squeeze in a healthy workout this season. You are less likely to suffer through extra heat and humidity if you lace up and hit the road well before the sun rises high into the sky. The hottest hours of the day are from 10am – 3pm, and attempting to sneak in a quick workout during this time range is sure to result in dehydration and overall misery. Instead, workout early in the morning or nearer to dusk.

While working out while the sun is low will keep your core body temperature at a safe range, dangers still lurk around the corner. Be sure you are wearing proper reflective clothing to remain visible to drivers who haven’t had their morning coffee quite yet.

Drink more
Dehydration is common among even the most experienced athletes in the summertime. To avoid bonking on your next big run or outdoor workout, focus on hydration throughout your day. Water is always your best option for healthy hydration; steer clear of too many caffeinated beverages and opt for clear fluids instead.

Listen up
You know your body best, and you can remain injury free if you listen to it. Know when to push your limits and when to back off a bit to stay safe. Be especially conscious of listening to your body if you live with asthma or another breathing condition, as humidity can cause you extra stress. If you find yourself feeling lightheaded or on the verge of passing out, slow down and call someone to pick you up.

Head indoors
When the heat and humidity is simply too much to take, have fun workout options to complete indoors. Whether you do your run on a treadmill, do Tabata sessions with weights inside, or hit a quick gym group class, moving inside will assure you don’t miss your workout goals.

Catching a workout outside in the summer doesn’t have to be dangerous when you focus on timing, hydration, and listening to your body. When all else fails, indoor workouts can be fun and just what you need to keep yourself safe. Give us a call to grab the equipment you need for a price you can afford