Moving Fitness Equipment

If you are even considering moving your fitness equipment from one location to another, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. However, with 2nd Round Fitness Inc. in your corner, you can pass the moving and installation process on to us and focus on other aspects of your move.

Moving fitness equipment during a home move or a gym relocation can be a daunting task. If the equipment is moved incorrectly, the life of the piece of equipment can suffer as can the equipment itself. Pieces can become unbalanced or ineffective if moved incorrectly.

But the equipment isn’t the only thing that can become damaged during a move – the mover can become injured as well. Most pieces of gym equipment are heavy and unwieldy. Even the strongest mover can become injured if they are moving fitness equipment from one place to another.

Fortunately, the team at 2nd Round Fitness Inc. is well prepared to move your equipment safely and even install it in its new home. Whether we are moving a few pieces of home fitness equipment into a new home or a larger job of leading the equipment relocation during a commercial gym move, the 2nd Round Fitness Inc. team can make sure the equipment gets to the new location safely and without any damage that may negatively affect the user at a later date.

If you are planning a move and aren’t quite sure how you are going to relocate your fitness equipment, give us a call. We are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your needs and timeline to assure that our professional staff can move and install your equipment safely and without damage to the equipment or the location.

Don’t try to move any fitness equipment on your own; let us do the heavy lifting and installation for you.