Precor C954i Experience

Call for Price

TheĀ PrecorĀ 954i Experience Treadmill is the latest version of the C954 treadmill. The 954i Experience is similar to its older version with the exception of a new fully integrated display, and a touch heart rate monitor system. The display includes 7 preprogrammed workouts ranging from a weight loss program to an interval course. Generally known for its exceptional commercial durability and ease-of-use, the Precor 954i Experience uses a three-phase, sensor less variable frequency drive system to provide a highly reliable and accurate speed control. Additionally, the monitor displays: average speed, calories, calories per minute, distance, and heart rate. With an advanced 4.0 HP motor, a low maintenance policy, and a IFT-Drive controller, the Precor 954i keeps users satisfied while providing a beneficial workout.

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